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Project Brief:​ 

Create a planting scheme for a newly refurbished courtyard nestled in the middle of Islington.

This client suffered intensely with summer allergies, and the planting scheme needed to be low in pollen.​ 

To break up the stark whiteness of the high walls, accents of anthracite blue were introduced - a colour used in the client's kitchen, and colour matched to the wall piers and bespoke-made trough planters. Large terracotta feature planters were also added to bring in softer organic shapes and warm complementary colours against the white and blue.

Evergreen planting gives an overarching Italianate theme to this garden. Pillars of clipped yew give year-round structure, with the evergreen leaves of star jasmine and agapanthus, and trailing ivy providing a soft baseline for seasonal highlights. 


Long-flowering species were chosen to deliver a long season of interest to fulfil this brief. Plants such as Hydrangea and hardy Geranium flower profusely whilst keeping pollen levels low. Shorter term stars play a more ephemeral role and add seasonal highlights, including white Agapanthus, white flowering climber Trachelosermum jasminoides, and pink climbing rose 'New Dawn'.  ​​

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