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We specialise in providing high quality garden maintenance services to clients in North and East London. Our focus is on providing thoughtful and reliable garden maintenance services that are tailored to your specific needs.

Seeking help with your garden? Get in touch.

For newly completed gardens we are also here to help. The first year of a newly planted garden is an important one. It requires far more keen-eyed attention and care than one may initially imagine.

Experienced horticultural care is key to ensuring your new plants continue to thrive. Some green fingered clients are more than happy to manage the garden once planted. Others might like support from a qualified gardener to tend their beautiful space.

Garden maintenance and potential aftercare arrangements to support you and your garden will be discussed throughout the design process.

As part of our design package we may also offer a tailor-made garden care document outlining when and how best to look after the specific plants in your garden. Alongside this we offer longer-term annual review sessions. These allow us to stay in touch with you over time and check-in on the planting as your garden matures.

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