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Project Brief:​ 


This grand double-fronted property contained an undivided front garden featuring a specimen Magnolia tree. The clients sought a new design that complemented the property, offered privacy, and made the most of the beautiful tree. ​


This was a tricky garden, only receiving direct sunlight for winter and spring owing to the deeply shady canopy of the Magnolia. The client had shared the front garden with the attached property, however, the design was tired and needed a rethink. After a house refurbishment the clients were seeking to improve the curb appeal of their property with a garden that would enhance their house. The design held the Magnolia at its heart as it was planted dead centre between the two properties.

Two levels were created using low corten steel edging as risers and a simple mix of woodland-style ground cover was used to bisect through the levels towards the property boundary.

Two neat box balls were planted in the gravel, hugging the corten riser, keeping the composition uncluttered. To finish, chic buff sandstone coping was installed along the basement retaining wall, and a smart new hedge of purple beech was installed to create privacy. This mirrored the neighbouring properties, adding cohesion to the street view.


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